Hosting of applications

If you don’t need your own server, we offer you hosting of applications on the principle of software as a service. You will get the runtime environment for a single application (or a group of cooperating applications), maintenance-free surrounging system. It could be your company software, open source servers (web, database, CRM solutions, cloud services) or commercial solutions, where it’s permitted by license.

Fields of application

To help you to see possibilities of application hosting, we will present you several types of systems that can be used in such hosting.

Own email server

HHosted mail server will provide you a full solution for your corporate e-mails, including calendar and scheduling features. By using the administration interface you manage your own email boxes, where you pay only for actually used number of the boxes, there is no need to purchase any license. There is granted access via webmail with support for mobile devices. Integrated is an antivirus and anti-spam protection.

Own web storage place

If you need to have the files (documents, photos, videos) available everywhere, you can use the web storage place. It gives you the ability to share documents:
  • among multiple devices per user (employee)
  • among different users
  • between the user and the public
This way you avoid bulky e-mail attachments and your files are under your control. You can see what files you share with others, and who else has access to it. Support for mobile devices is available.

CRM systems

Customer relationship management is the management system for relations between the company and its customers. Usually there are saved contacts, ongoing projects, contracts, meeting schedules, costs associated with the project. Thanks to this system you gain an overview of all important processes in your business.

API services

Cloud hosting applications is also suitable for small services providing public or private API (programming interface). Typically it’s a service providing data in a form suitable for further processing, such as monitoring applications, interfaces to databases, applications connected with the social networks ...

Node.js server

Node.js is a popular platform based on JavaScript for the rapid development of network applications.

Version Control System

Systems such as SVN, GIT and Mercurial are used to track the history of changes in files and by merging changes make cooperation easier. Whenever it is possible to revert to previous versions of a document, look who, when and what change made, or transfer working environment to another computer. They are particularly suitable for the development of software to track changes in source codes or other text files.

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