Network monitoring

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You can have overview about your network by using of profesional monitoring tools. If your productivity strongly depends on trouble-free and reliable network infrastructure, monitoring of your network will provide possibility to avoid problems and fast discover failures. Monitoring tool is offered in two versions – local and cloud.

Local installation of monitoring server

In case of local implementation, in accordance with local network conditions, monitoring tool can be installed to existing server, to existing virtual infrastructure or we can deliver the tool together with new server. This kind of implementation, directly at the customer side, is suitable for network monitoring of one customer location (for example HQ)

Cloud monitoring

In case of cloud monitoring, tool is installed and operated on servers in our datacenter. There is secure IPSec VPN connection created from datacenter to the monitored customer network.

Security of cloud solution

  • Connection to customer network is provided by IPSec VPN tunnel with strong encryption. All the data transferred between datacenter and your network is encrypted by 3DES or AES from your firewall up to monitoring server.
  • Every client has his own monitoring server operated in virtual environment. By using of tools for server virtualization we are able isolate particular networks and dedicate specific server for every customer.
  • Security of network is enforced by applying of specific rules on customer side. Security rules providing the right decisions which traffic is allowed or not allowed are setup on customer‘s firewall. It means traffic is allowed only to monitoring server and security remains in your hands.

Cloud monitoring advantages

  • lower setup costs
  • availability of monitoring tool also in case of any problem on customer side
  • trouble-free operation – we provide updates and backups
  • easy extension in case you want to monitor more networks (for example branches)

Distributed monitoring

In case of extensive customer networks we recommend distributed model of monitoring. For every independent network part (for example branch office) we apply “thin” version of monitoring tool. It’s purpose is only to collect data from monitored devices and send it to central console. It provides more scalability, decrease traffic load and bandwidth on link and is more resist against failure. In opposite to local installation it provides sophisticated monitoring management from one single place.

Additional features

There is a specific feature integrated to monitoring tool called wake-on-lan (WOL). By using this we can wake-up servers, workstations, thin clients... Such systems which provide support for this feature inside BIOS and on network interface can be switched-on from remote site and customer can start to use them after they boot-up. By using of agent (software plug-in) installed on server or workstation we can also shutdown the system from the same monitoring console.

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