publish your website presentation
be available and reachable
sell via the Internet
increase visits on your websites
from 1,60€ / month

For simple static or dynamic pages and basic e-mail correspondence

  • 1 500 MB
  • 1x MySQL
  • 1x FTP
  • unlimited e-mails
from 2,50 € / month

For large dynamic websites with lots of pictures and a large number of e-mails

  • 5 000 MB
  • 3x MySQL
  • 3x FTP
  • 3 subdomains
from 5,99 € / month

For demanding clients – an abundant business pages, extensive e-shops, private repositories

  • 20 000 MB
  • 10x MySQL
  • 10x FTP
  • 10 subdomains

Web services

All hosting programs include support PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Pages as forums, e-shops, content management systems, blogs. You can manage yourself your web space via the setup interface. Access to files is possible via a web browser or via classical FTP client.

Do you need specific expansion for your website, plug-in, library or other means, which is not normally installed on the hosting server? Contact us to find a suitable solution.


Lite package is enough for basic communication. However, if you send large attachments (images, photos, video) or you need to create a large number of mailboxes, we recommend Basic and Premium.

All e-mail packages allow access via client’s Web (directly from the browser), or by an e-mail client (as MS Outlook or Thunderbird) – with protocols SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and their versions secured by encryption (TLS SMTPs, POPs, IMAPS) . All mailboxes are protected by anti-spam and antivirus protection.


If you decide to move your existing website to us, we transfer them including e-mail accounts, databases and configuration. The transfer is done in two stages to minimize unavailability time of your mailboxes. First, we transfer everything necessary, then we test functionality and afterwards we direct your domain to us.

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